The transmission of your vehicle is responsible for moving the power that is created in the engine to the wheels, so it’s one of the most important parts of the performance chain. Those who are topping up the performance of their ride frequently overlook this essential ingredient. The truth is you can juice up your engine with a turbocharger and new cylinders, but it really won't translate fully into real pavement power unless your transmission can handle the responsibility. At Motiva Performance we specialize in working with transmission builds, either separately or along with a high-performance all-around package.

Why A Built Transmission?

You want the torque built up in your engine to reach the rubber while you are on the road without a drop of power getting lost, and that’s why a performance transmission is essential to your game. A custom built transmission lets you customize every aspect of your gear power, just like you are going to do with other important elements of your ride, like the exhaust pipes and engine. Because we are a specialty service shop that works with any performance transmissions and other essentials for our customers, we are the only number you are ever going to need.

Getting the Built Transmission You Need

Transmissions change the interlocking gear wheels that determine what speed you are in, so if they are not in perfect harmony with the rest of what’s going on under your hood you are simply wasting time. When you come on down to Motiva Performance, we will run a highly detailed Dyno-tuning test on your car. This test can track even the most minute changes and discrepancies between the different components that you need to all be working together seamlessly.