We have the largest shop in Sydney, with state-of-the-art technology, like Dyno-Tune.
Our technicians offer everything from Bolt-Ons to engine upgrades, clutch installs, cylinder head builds, suspension installations, turbo kits, and even fabrication for that custom look. If you want your high-performance car to look and run better than ever, our shop is the place to get that done.

Cylinder Head Upgrades

We specialize in the process of assembling cylinder heads and offer a variety of different cylinder head packages. Come check out what we can do to help you convert your vehicle to racing class

Clutch Installs

A new clutch can give your vehicle faster shifting power and smoother performance. It can be a major upgrade for your vehicle.


Your vehicle’s suspension affects so many things, from response time to handling and your overall driving experience. Our technicians can fine-tune your suspension, or install a high-performance new suspension.

Turbo Kit Installs

Turbochargers are a forced induction air system that can dramatically increase your car’s performance, with higher speeds and faster acceleration time. We have top technicians who specialize in turbo kit installs, and a huge selection of top turbo kits to choose from.


Our technicians also make high-quality engine parts and can do custom orders as well. If you’re looking to take your vehicle to the next level, custom fabrication is for you.


You can juice up your engine, but without the transmission to handle all that power, it won’t translate into performance on the road. Our technicians can work with the customized transmission you need to realize full performance.

Engine Swaps

Is your factory engine just too wimpy for you to enjoy your ride? Our technicians specialize in doing engine swaps, and we even have a custom setup in our shop for just this purpose.

Supercharger Installs

A supercharger can dramatically increase your car’s overall power and performance. Our technicians specialize in installing forced induction systems, like both turbochargers and superchargers. We have a large selection of quality kits and units for you to choose from at all times