Performance Bolt-Ons

Bolt-ons are one of the simplest ways to boost the performance of your vehicle. 

Bolt-ons are one of the simplest ways to boost the performance of your vehicle. Bolt-ons usually change the way your vehicle functions while horsepower. It’s a good idea to have your engine tuned after your performance upgrades, which is why having an expert like Motiva do the install process is a smart move. We specialize in all kinds of bolt-ons that can drastically up your performance, so take a minute to learn about the most common bolt on options.


Superchargers vs. Turbochargers

Superchargers are driven from you vehicle cranks shaft. Supercharger take power to make power. Turbochargers are driven from exhaust waste. Turbochargers take very little horsepower to make horsepower.

Forced Induction

Whether through a turbocharger or supercharger, forced induction is used to increase both the power and efficiency of your car, and is one of the most popular performance boosting bolt-ons options we offer. Both of these options use a compressor to up the oxygen intake of your engine and turn your auto into a formidable roaring beast.


The camshaft is responsible for the opening and closing of the valves in your engine, which  also affects how much oxygen can be consumed The more oxygen and fuel you can get into an engine the more Horsepower the vehicle will make.High-performance aftermarket camshafts can dramatically up the performance of your engine. Camshafts are often matched with the modifications you are performing.