Major Car Service

Car drivers might not notice anything different in terms of appearance from a major car service but a major car service is vital for the upkeep of a vehicle. Clients always should always know what they’re paying for especially if the service costs a couple of hundred dollars. A major car service will include functions of your car being flushed, inspected, or repaired. A major car service includes the checking of many functions and areas.

The engine, filters, brakes, and the spark plugs are included in the service. The old vehicle oil in the car is replaced with new oil to help a vehicle function smoothly and efficiently. Filters include oil, pollen, and fuel filters which could be removed and added to ensure a car is running as efficiently as it can. Spark plugs maximize the potential of the vehicle’s fuel economy and can be replaced during a major car service. The brakes are looked on, inspected, and fixed if needed.

The procedures of a major car service also include a flush and change, road test, safety inspection, battery test, and final checks. the flush and change ensure that the transmission, clutch set, brake, and the power steering are flushed and changed. The safety inspection is done to make sure there is confidence in a vehicle that it is safe.

A road test is a process that can find if there is any problem that went undetected by the major car service. The amount of time between major car services required depend on the distance travelled, the maintenance of the vehicle, and the types of roads travelled on. It is recommended that a car is serviced every twelve months or once 12000 is travelled. Although for heavy vehicle drivers it is suggested that they check their vehicles every six months or 6000 miles driven.