Fabrication is the best way to achieve goals that others simply believe are out of reach. 

Motiva is not just a high-quality performance shop and collector car dealer, we also make some of our own high-quality parts and can often do custom orders for you as well. Custom fabrication can get your vehicle performance up to levels that most people only dream of, making you the envy of the track or show. Our expert technicians are all car lovers themselves and enjoy this kind of work to the fullest, so don’t hesitate to stop in and talk to one of us as soon as you want to get the ball rolling.


Types of Fabrication Work We Do

From dump tubes and downpipes to intercooling piping and exhaust, we can repair or customize piping and tubing for models and makes of all types. Whether you want bigger pipes for more air or exhaust flow, or want to completely re-route and redesign an existing system, we can help you every step of the way. Fabrication is a highly skilled type of work, but our techs have years of experience in the business and can take on any job, large or small.

Do You Need Fabrication Work?

Getting a custom fabrication job can make all the difference for those who want to stand out at the strip or track. While adding bolt ons and engine work is an awesome way to juice up your ride, nothing says winner like a custom fabrication job that takes your vehicle to a level others simply cannot compete with. While custom fabrication jobs may not be for everyone, those who do want to go the extra mile, and reach the head of the pack, know that fabrication is the best way to achieve goals that others simply believe are out of reach.