Engine Builds


After your engine has been blueprinted and built, you can expect performance that far exceeds the original manufacturer tolerances. So get ready to tear up some asphalt!

engine builds
2014 BMW 428I X

Beyond bolt ons and tune-ups, the way to really ramp up the power of your vehicle is to get your engine built up, or invest in a completely new high-performance custom engine. At Motiva Performance, we specialize in high-performance engine builds for a wide variety of different makes and models. All of our builds use our state-of-the-art blueprinting process, and top-of-the-line technical equipment, to get you out on the road in tip top shape and ready to rumble.

The Blueprinting Process

The aim of blueprinting a motor is to get as much performance out of it as possible to really give you the best value and bang for your buck. Blueprinting takes an exacting look at every part of your engine, from measuring and boring the motor, to matching the pistons and the rod and crank, to testing the smallest bearings and other details to make sure it comes as close as possible to spec. Blueprinting is the height of detail-oriented design, and an absolute must for anyone who is investing some serious cash in an engine build.

What to Expect From Blueprinting

Blueprinting is an interesting term. Almost no engine is blueprinted. Blueprinting means following a set of specs to the "T". Most serious race engines such as Indy, NASCAR, Formula 1, etc. are blueprinted engines. Most teams have several back-up engines and every single one is identical to the other in every way. Blueprinting can also mean (loosely) building an engine by following a set of factory specs. The only problem with this is that there are given areas of tolerances, not just one specific number. For instance: A blueprinted set of engines will have EXACTLY the same crank clearances. They will have exactly the same amount of piston to cylinder wall clearances as well as ring gap clearances, cam timing, head port and chamber volumes and so on whereas a factor spec book will have "tolerances" that vary slightly. A blueprinted engine will call for .00275" main bearing clearance where as a the factory specs say anything from .0015 to .0030" is "within spec". There is no "within spec" for blueprinted engines! It either is or it isn't and there's no in between. If you blueprinted two engines by the factory specs, there will always be variances between rod and main bearing clearances, piston clearances, deck height differences, valve spring pressure differences as well as Intake and exhaust port and chamber volume differences. It takes painstaking hours to truly blueprint an engine and for what? A ton of money and really nothing gained unless you are running the exact same car at the exact same track and you need to go the exact same speed as you were with the last engine.

Ensuring Top Quality Engine Builds

Because we double-check all the specs when we blueprint and build engines, we guarantee that your new motor is going to be gleaming like a brand new penny, and free of faulty parts or construction when you rev’ her up and cruise out of the shop. As the top performance shop in the Albuquerque area, Motiva Performance is your one stop shop for quality engine builds.