Dyno-Tuning is by far the best way to tune up to optimal performance. 

All About Dyno-Tuning

As one of the only performance shops around with a full-service 2WD and 4WD Dyno. Dyno-tuning not only diagnoses all kinds of problems that may be keeping your vehicle from top performance, but it also allows us to fine-tune your vehicle for optimum performance and drivability without the dangers of having your vehicle on the street.


What is Dyno-Tuning?

Dyno-tuning is the process of linking your car up to our laptop and then running a special diagnostic program while we run the vehicle at different speeds on our Dyno. This gives us a controlled environment to test and measure different aspects of your car’s performance and track even the tiniest of changes that we make. Dyno-tuning is by far the best way to adjust optimal performance and customize the many variables that can be changed.

What are the Benefits?

Dyno-tuning allows you to alter the stock computer in your vehicle and make many changes to the way it runs. This can give you a wide array of benefits including anything from modifying it to work optimally with a new turbocharger, supercharger or any naturally aspirated vehicle. In fact, Dyno-tuning is a necessary part of boosting the performance of your vehicle as it allows you to modify the computer settings to match any bolt-on or engine upgrades you are doing.

How do I Find Out More?

To learn more about the cutting edge in high performance fine-tuning, give us a call. Our expert staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. When you are ready to see Dyno-tuning in action, just drop by the shop ask for customer Dyno tune.