Are Car Signs Right For Your Business?

Car signs are a cost-effective, yet efficient way to spread the word about your business. They can be a vinyl wrap or a more temporary option of a magnetic sign. Car signage is a way to reach potential customers that would not normally come in contact with your business. Using company vehicles to advertise can spread your brand around to people that are not anywhere near your storefront.

Car Signage Benefits:

  • You have a captive audience. There are many people on the road that could be potential customers. Unlike online advertising or commercials on television, people are stuck sitting in their cars with nothing to do but look at the world around them.
  • It’s tax-deductible. Check with your tax advisor to see if you are eligible for deducting related costs from adding advertising to your vehicle.
  • It encourages good driving. Your drivers will be on their best behavior in the company vehicle, knowing that they are constantly on display by others.

How to Determine What Type of Car Signage to Use:

  • Research your target audience. Use market research to find out more about your potential customers in the zip code the car will be traveling around in. You can tailor your message to that audience.
  • Know the speed and traffic patterns of your vehicles. Drivers traveling quickly on the highway only have a second or two to see the logo. You’re better off with large, simple logos and easy to recognize images. However, in city traffic with lots of stops and slower-moving cars, drivers will be able to take in more detail, including phone numbers and websites.
  • Base your sign on your vehicle type. Boxy types of cars are easier to fit, while sedans with more curves may take a more careful approach to choosing the right design. Be sure your logo and tagline look good from all angles, even when the trunk or door is opened. There are entire websites devoted to making fun of car signs that change their meaning when the van door is slid open, that’s not the kind of advertising you are looking for.
  • Choose high-quality signage. This will be the mobile face of your business, you want it to look clean and professional. Go with the experts to avoid poorly made signs that end up chipping or peeling away.

With some research and careful consideration, you can reach a lot of new potential customers using car signage. It can be a cost-effective strategy to increase your brand awareness.